TOP of most famous Christian Cemeteries of New York City

New York is one of the most historic and decorated cities in the world. It has something special for everyone that comes to visit or lives there. However, the backbone of New York and the reason for its mass diversity is that it started off as a “melting pot”. It seems like you can find a resident of any race, gender, and religion in New York, and that is what makes it special. Everyone in N.Y. believes in their own god and major religions, but a study taken by Pew Research Center in 2015 (also the latest study taken) confirmed that 60% of New York residents are Christian, or some denomination of it. Since that is the case, Christian Cemeteries are some of the most historic and major cemeteries in the area. 


Christian Cemeteries are scattered in various places in New York City and State, one that Christian Cemetery that is located right in the middle of Wall Street is Trinity Churchyard. This churchyard has the oldest carved tombstone in the city’s history, and it belongs to a 5-year-old boy who died in the year 1681. Other than that tombstone, the Christian Cemetery is also famous and a part of history because it is the ultimate resting place of Alexander Hamilton who worked on the Federalist papers and an aide to the country’s very first president, George Washington. As you can see, this cemetery came to be while the very foundation of the United States of America was being laid, and it is right here in New York city and can be visited by anyone. 


A Christian Cemetery that is still active and is also in New York, is called Gate of Heaven cemetery and is located in Hawthorne N.Y. It has been active since the year 1817, but in 1916 the infamous St. Patrick’s Cathedral bought it and endured serious renovations. You may ask why this cemetery is of any significance and what makes it special from any other cemetery in the city or state. The answer is the sheer beauty that the cemetery possesses. Right at the entrance of the cemetery you can see a stained-glass window with breathtaking catholic designs. There is also a shrine that is dedicated just for children that are buried at the cemetery, and it is in the form of a guardian angel that looks over the grounds. If the charm and elegance of the cemetery isn’t enough, it is also the home of one of the greatest baseball players to ever put on a New York Yankees uniform, George Herman or better known “Babe’’ Ruth. As mentioned before, this Christian Cemetery is still at work and has about 2,000 services per year. 


All religions have their own afterlife beliefs, as well as their ways to worship their gods. A certain Christian cemetery in Brooklyn has its own little belief in how things should be after a person passes away. The cemetery is called Most Holy Trinity Cemetery, and it is located down in the Williamsburg part of Brooklyn. It was originally founded in 1851 and was put together by a group of German Catholic followers. The special touch this cemetery has put on its burial conditions, is that most of the gravestones are all made of metal. The reason for this type of format was simple, everyone is the same after death and there are no more social classes. Since both the rich and the poor are now of equal rank, they should all have the same tin gravestones. The gravestones were particularly made of metal so that they would not rot or deteriorate easily. This belief in equality after death has carried on into the modern burial ceremonies at this Christian cemetery, since most of the 23 acres are covered in metal memorials.


History in New York seems to be eternal, considering the widely diverse environment and population of the citizens. There is no shortage of historic Christian cemeteries in the city of New York, as well as the state. One cemetery that is filled with myth and mass storytelling is called the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, located in the county of Westchester. The cemetery itself is a very significant and historic place, but as many know the legend of Sleepy Hollow and the headless horseman is one that is significant for the entire town. During the fall the cemetery and town become a tourist attraction for people that are Halloween lovers, and the cemetery offers tours and many unique attractions. The Christian cemetery itself is the last resting place of some of the Rockefellers which makes it instantly famous, but part of the cemetery is even on the site of the old Rockefeller mansion. The Sleepy Hollow cemetery and town is a very spiritual and unique place that is definitely worth a visit.


They sometimes look cemeteries upon as very gloomy places, where people come to visit their past loved ones but sometimes those same cemeteries are also of great significance historically. Specifically, Christian cemeteries in New York seem to be very historic and hold a lot of stories and memorable people. The beauty and illustration like nature of some cemeteries around New York is unmatched compared to other cities and states around the country, and to go along with that some traditions and Christian beliefs instilled into these cemeteries really makes them special.