Green-Wood is one of the oldest cemeteries in the US. This living graveyard aims to bring people closer to the history of this world and our country. It commemorates and honors the names and history of all its residents. Green-Wood Cemetery was founded in 1838 and became the first rural graveyard in America. In under 30 years, it has earned its reputation as one of the most recognized cemeteries in America. Very quickly, this cemetery has become very prestigious because of its majestic beauty.

Today, Green-Wood attracts more than half a million visitors a year. It has become the second nation’s greatest tourist attraction after Niagara Falls. Tourists love this place because here they can enjoy carriage rides, family outings. Here they can see magnificent sculptures made by the first-generation. American landscapes. The popularity of this cemetery among locals and tourists inspired the creation of various public parks. For example, New York City’s Prospect and Central parks developed under the influence of Green-Wood. With time, Green-Wood cemetery has become a real magnet for bird watchers and history buffs.

Green-Wood cemetery has a territory of almost 500 acres. The beautiful valleys and hills hide entangled paths where one can find all the charm of this place. Here, one can enjoy glacial ponds, sculptures, mausoleums made in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This place attracts visitors throughout the whole year. It’s more than 150-years-old trees can impress everyone, offering a peaceful oasis to their visitors. Today, this cemetery has become a final home almost for 570 thousand permanent residents. Today, we are going to share with you the top 5 monument residents of the Green-Wood cemetery.


  1. Dewitt Clinton. This large bronze monument was made 168 years old ago in 1853 to commemorate Dewitt Clinton. He was a Senator, Governor, and Mayor of New York City. Recently workers restored this monument. So, now it looks much newer. However, one can still feel the original magnificent spirit of it.The most intriguing fact is that Dewitt Clinton was relocated to Green-Wood cemetery to popularize this place. It is one of the first bronze cast monuments in the US.
  2. Rose Merello Guarino. According to visitors, this is one of the most striking monuments in Green-Wood cemetery. This bronze memorial was erected at the beginning of the 20th century. It commemorates a wealthy young lady killed by Pietro Silverio when she tried to protect a servant woman. He served as a caretaker in her home. The monument itself represents a woman leaning on a grave. She holds ferns and flowers in her hands. It symbolizes the tragic story of life cut in its flourish and a symbol of resurrection.
  3. Jean-Michel Basquiat. Green-Wood Cemetery has become a final resting place for many people, including Jean-Michel Basquiat. You can find his headstone among other low graves in a pretty remote part of the cemetery. Jean-Michel Basquiat was a great painter. At the beginning of his career, he worked with graffiti. However, with time he became famous as a neo-expressionist. Loving relatives engraved on his headstone word: “Artis” commemorating his achievements. His grave is still very popular among his fans. Who leave hand-written notes, stones, stickers, and art suppliers on his headstone.
  4. George Catlin. George Catlin is another famous painter who found his final resting place in this cemetery under a simple granite monument in the Green-Wood cemetery. During his life, he studied customs and painted Indian tribes which were on the edge of extinction. On his monument visitor, can see a relatively large epitaph commemorating his achievements and interests in life.
  5. Van Ness Parson. The Van Ness Parson memorial is a perfect example of the hybridization of Christian and ancient Egyptian cultures. The mausoleum itself looks like a pyramid and has several statues around it. The entrance is decorated with vulture wings, a symbol of matrilineal care. And this is not surprising because Parsons was a well-known Egyptologist. So, this mausoleum makes perfect sense to commemorate his life and achievements.


This was a review of the graves of the most famous people in the Green-Wood Cemetery. People pass away, famous people… but the memory remains…