In our previous blog article, we explained what an online memorial is and why it is relevant today. Our company Arcadia Memorials offers not only creating online memorials in New York but also placing QR codes on monuments, tombstones, family mausoleums or funerary urns.

A QR-code is a technology for accessing an online memorial, and we can implement it in any form: a sticker, a plastic card with a code, a piece of jewelry, a locket, etc. With this option, the QR-code will not be on the memorial, but it will always be with you or at any place convenient for you. Besides this option, there is also the possibility of placing a QR-code on the monument.

The main advantages of QR codes are their prospects and convenience of using. They appear around us more and more every day. QR codes are widely used in the advertising business, trade, tourist industry and for the last several years they have started to appear in the cemeteries. Any mobile device with a photo camera and special software can scan QR codes.

In many cities of the world there are small signs with QR codes near the sights. Having scanned them it is possible to receive all the information about the monument or the building. This technology works in a similar way for the headstones. Relatives of the departed person, coming to the cemetery to pay tribute, can enter his online memorial, to remember some moments, details or to look at the photo via QR codes. These are very personal family moments, which “come alive” and are remembered in a narrow family circle. In addition, by approaching a headstone with a QR code, anyone can use their mobile phone to find out information about who is buried there, when they were buried, etc.

What Arcadia Memorials offers:


  1. Our specialists will create an online memorial with all the necessary information. 
  2. You choose how the QR code will be placed on the memorial. It will not take much space and can be implemented as a sticker, plaque, engraving, etc. It is also necessary to keep in mind the external influences (weather conditions, time, etc.) on the QR code. If necessary, additional protection (e.g. a protective cover made of transparent material) may be installed. Modern stone engraving techniques allow the QR-code to be placed directly on the monument. But the stone must necessarily be contrasting. It is desirable to place it on black granite with a homogenous texture of stone.
  3. After scanning the QR code with a smartphone or other gadget that has a scanner program installed, a web page with the online memorial will open.


The use of QR codes in conjunction with online memorials may well be considered the most innovative development in the field of funeral culture. This tendency has appeared in South-East Asia, but it has quickly and successfully spread all over the world. Today it is available in New York and Arcadia Memorials is ready to make all the necessary commitments to create an online memorial and provide various options for accessing it, including via the QR code.