Designing a headstone has never been a trivial task. It requires many emotional efforts. The final quality of a memorial indeed depends on many factors. After all, headstones pay tribute to departed loved ones. But a photograph plays the most crucial role. Photographic engravings help to create a lasting memory of your departed loved one. A photo is the best way to personalize a headstone. A well-chosen photo will keep the memory of a passed loved one for future generations to come.

We live in a world of visualization. Thus, choosing the right photograph for a headstone is crucial to personalize it. So, how to pick the best photo for the gravestone?

Stay tuned as we are going to share with you several recommendations. 


Recommendations how to choose a photo for a headstone:

1. Make sure you like it

When choosing the right photo, first, you need to focus on the appearance of the departed loved one. Make sure you like how your passed loved one looks in the chosen photo. You need to pay special attention to clothes, facial expressions. Also, don’t forget about other important factors. Remember, this photo will stay on the stone forever. So, take as much time as you need to pick up a good one.


2. Focus on quality and resolution

The best option is to use photos taken by professional cameras. However, modern smartphones can provide decent-quality pictures. Focus on the images with maximum resolution. The higher the resolution is, the more suitable this image is for engraving on a headstone. If you want to use some of the old photos, then never take a picture of the picture. This process significantly decreases the quality of the final image. It is best to scan the photograph via a high-resolution scanner.


3. The photo goes first

Arcadia Monuments often works on unique granite headstones. Engraving other contents takes time and effort. Hence, our experts always recommend our customers to choose a photo first. Of course, we can engrave a photo after other contents. However, you may not have a space for the selected image if you already have lots of materials on a headstone.


4. Avoid excessive filters and editing

Today, various filters on different platforms can make a photo better. However, this is not the case when designing a headstone. The more filters and editing you apply to an image, the less natural it becomes. So, one should be very careful with filters when choosing a photo for headstones. At the same time, retouching old pictures is quite a different thing. We recommend our clients to order a professional retouching of an old photograph. When done carefully, it can raise the quality and resolution of it.


5. Avoid cropping

Often, we look best in photos where we are together with our relatives and friends. Unfortunately, such images are not suitable for designing headstones. The major problem is that cropping significantly decreases the quality of the photo. Therefore, the best option is to choose portrait photos for headstones.


Choosing a photo for the headstone isn’t an easy task. So approach it carefully, calmly and use our recommendations. .