Granite is one of the oldest stones on our planet. It originates from slowly cooled magma from ancient volcanoes. Nowadays, this material is widely used in producing bridges, buildings, and other projects that require high weather resistance. The monument industry is not an exception, as it requires truly lasting and strong materials that can serve for decades. Granite is exceedingly durable and solid because of its crystal structure. It is the second most rigid material on Earth after diamonds. At the same time, it has a significantly lower price. These qualities make it an ideal material for commemorating departed loved ones. Our granite monuments serve to preserve the memory for the next generations.

Granite comprises quartz, plagioclase, and alkali feldspar. The quantity ratio of these minerals determines the overall qualities of granite. Each quarrel mines stones that have their own unique composition of crystals. Therefore, the material properties and the colors of this stone can vary from quarrel to quarrel. Obviously, not all types of granite are suitable for making top-quality monuments. At Arcadia Monuments, we work with high-grade granite to ensure that our cemetery monuments are really durable. We buy granite only from the most trusted quarries all around the world. Our granite monuments can come in a wide range of colors, starting from white up to black granite.

We have extensive experience working in the monument industry and offer a broad range of granite colors to our customers. However, some colors are more popular than others. Let’s take a look at the most popular colors of granite monuments:

1) Tropical Green

This granite mainly quarried in India, Hawaii, and China. It is great for making cemetery monuments due to its look, as it has white and light veining.


2) Black Granite

Truly the most popular color in the monument industry. It is quarried in India and comes free of cracks and voids because of its unique grain structure. Black granite is famous for its strength, durability, and brilliant natural beauty.


3) Carnation Granite

It is also widely known as Red Granite. Quarried in Canada, this material is perfect for making monuments because of its weather resistance. Carnation granite can have a light pink and gray undertone.


4) Barre Granite

Barre granite is quarried in Vermont. Due to its qualities, it has become one of the most popular materials in the monument industry. It has superior weather resistance over other granites and, at the same time, allows artisans to create unique granite monuments.


5) Blue pearl

This stone is quarreled in Norway and features shades of beige, grays, and blues. Large crystals in its structure give it a truly astonishing look. It comes in shades of gray, beige, and dark blue.


Granite indeed comes in many colors, and it also may be used for making monuments. However, other types of granite don’t satisfy our requirements because of their inferior quality and durability. We aim to produce unique granite memorials and allow our clients to create their own designs of monuments.