9 Ideas to Create a Personalized Memorial


Arcadia Monuments has extensive experience in creating custom memorials for families, couples, and individuals who lost their loved ones. We focus on producing unique and personalized monuments that reflect the legacy and memory of deceased ones in stone. According to our experience, some people choose more or less standard monuments. Others want to make utterly unique ones but choose very extravagant samples. Remember, having a desire to make an individual monument is absolutely normal. Our job today is to explain the best ways of designing a custom memorial. After all, each cemetery can have its own rules and regulations on custom memorials and may not accept extravagant designs.


  1. Decide on the size and shape

First things first, cemetery stones don’t have to be standard. So, the first thing to decide when designing a custom memorial is the final shape and size of the monument. There are almost no limitations concerning these factors. Yet, you need to make sure that your cemetery allows custom monuments.


  1. Choose the lettering

In the vast majority of cases, people engraved on the headstone only basic information. Yet, this is the part where you can be truly creative. You can add more information about your loved one, his / her hobbies, interests, even the name of their pet.


  1. Write a meaningful epitaph

Instead of using classical sayings or quotes, you can write something unique on your custom memorial. You can choose almost anything as an epitaph because it has to reflect the personality of a deceased loved one.


  1. Choose the color

Modern granite comes in a variety of colors. For this very reason, we recommend you to pay special attention to the color scheme of the monument. You can choose a color that suits your deceased loved one best. Also, you can mix several colors to customize a memorial.


  1. Add lettering to the back of the headstone

Usually, people engrave letterings only on the front side of a headstone. There is a lot of space for letters and words on the back of the monument too. For example, you can add information about a family of a deceased loved one or even apply humor.


  1. Custom art

Apart from standard features, you can also decide to engrave custom art on a headstone. It can be literary anything, starting from flowers up to beautiful paintings and decorations.


  1. Add a QR code

Creating an Online Memorial is not just a new fancy tradition. It is the best way to keep memories about your deceased loved one forever. A QR code that contains a link to an online memorial can be a beautiful part of the decoration. And it will help to share memories about your deceased loved one.


  1. Consider adding accessories

Such Items can help a great deal to personalize a headstone. You can choose a wide variety of options including but not limited to vases, porcelain photographs, different ornaments, and statues.


  1. Customize the base of the monument

Often people forget that apart from modifying the headstone itself, there are plenty of options for changing the base. Apart from choosing different colors, you can also customize its shape and add some decorative elements.


One of the most important things to remember when ordering and designing a cemetery monument is that it should reflect the person it commemorates. Thus, one needs to put the efforts about the customization of a memorial towards personalizing it. A well-made personalized custom memorial will honor and preserve the memory of your deceased loved one for many years to come.